2015 Year in Review

In just a matter of minutes, 2015 is going to be behind us. What better way to express my thoughts than by providing a blog for you guys. Before I do, let’s list the games that I had covered on my YouTube channel for the year.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix – Despite some hiccups, I was able to finish it and thank goodness for it.
Ace Attorney Trilogy – I only covered both the first and second games. Don’t know if I plan on doing the third but only time will tell.
Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D – I love this game so much. Such a dark game yet when it’s over, there is a sense of hope. I can’t say that without a doubt, it was a fun game.
Code Name S.T.E.A.M. – Such an underrated game that it’s a shame it never got recognition. I personally enjoyed it for better or worse. It was great and challenging at the same time.
Skullgirls 2nd Encore – Skullgirls on the PS4 was sweet and it had voice acting too. Other than that, it was the same as it was back on the PS3.
Mortal Kombat X – The story was hit or miss but playing with every character felt different. The DLC characters also add more to the game but with the 2nd Kombat Pack, I’m a bit skeptical.
Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend – Truthfully, I should have focused on only the Extend related content and not doing everything over again. At least I’ll prepare now for Centralfiction.
Super Mario Maker – An amazing game… a game where you get to make your own levels, share them with the world and even try out levels from others. It’s a delight.
Shovel Knight – It came to PS4 and I figure why not cover it. Too bad it had been overdone and that sucked.
Xenoblade Chronicles X – A game that is so hard to put down, I spent over 100 hours playing it. Damn it was insane.

That’s all the games I covered this year. Not much but I missed out on a lot of others. Some I wish I played and others I’m happy I didn’t play. But even though I did have some highs, there were a lot of lows. Some more often than others. But the biggest low has been the fact that a troll has been mass disliking my videos throughout the whole year. Thing is, he only did it on some instances and it’s a problem because I feel that he’s trying to get my attention and thing is, he’s obsessed with making my life miserable. Hell, why do you think I ended up getting banned from Twitch? The good news is that I got my account back but the bad news is that this person won’t rest until I’m gone. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this individual has a hard on for two YouTubers: Cobanermani456 and BlahBlahLPs. Why them? Simple because they are YouTubers I dislike and I dislike with a bloody passion. To him, he finds it bad that I don’t like them so he decides to make my time on YouTube miserable because of that. Seriously. The guy needs to get a life. One of these days, I will find out who he is, I will find out where he lives and ensure that his stupid ass never bothers me again. I am sick of it and I will be forced to get law enforcement involved so I can shut him down and put him away.

Geez. It’s not pleasant considering this fuck’s obsession over them and his obsession over making my life miserable but it clearly shows just how fucked up this world is. That’s the reason why I keep ratings hidden because I don’t want it to drive me to do something I’ll regret. It’d be too much. I’m sorry but it’s my decision and I want everyone to respect it.

As for what I plan on doing for 2016, I have a list planned and it’s going to be grand. It’s temporary but it’ll change over time.

Gravity Rush Remastered – I ain’t waiting a month for it. I’m importing the game so I can play it and enjoy it. Besides, it has English subs so makes it easier.
LEGO Marvel’s Avengers – I’m hyped for it and since I’ve been playing LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, I think I’m ready for it.
Project X Zone 2 – I played the first game last year and after seeing the game thanks to Omegaevolution, I’m hyped for it. I really am.
Fire Emblem: Fates – This game is going to be a long one. Why is that? Simple. Because FE: Fates is split into three games: Conquest, Birthright and Revelations. It’s going to be a game where I am going to be spending a long time on.
Star Fox Zero – I am a fan of Star Fox and I’m happy we’re getting another game after so many years. But the fact that waiting is such a pain in the ass. But hey, it’s coming AFTER my birthday so all the more reason for me to enjoy it.

This is all there is for now but it can change, like I said. I’m ending it here by saying that I have much to do and 2016 is going to at least be a better year… for better or worse. I may plan on livestreaming again but not for a while.


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