An Important Update

Okay so you are all wondering what’s going on right?

Well it turns out today I can officially declare that it’s without a doubt, the worst day of my life.

As of April 11, 2016 at 1:25pm… my YouTube account MegamanNG of almost ten years has been officially terminated. Why you ask? Simple.

Arc System Works.

This morning, I received multiple e-mails from YouTube saying that many of my videos have been taken down due to copyright infringement. Thing is, they all involve Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend… it’s story mode.

I had gotten 53 takedowns in the span of 90 minutes and received two strikes on my account. You know that in YouTube, if you get hit with three strikes, that’s it. Your account is gone. Well it happened and they took down the rest of them. In turn, I got a notice saying that my account has been terminated.

Almost ten years… ten years I spent on that channel. Through it’s good times, its bad times and everything else inbetween, it was a hell of a ride. However, thank god for Omnia Media Co. Their managers are some of the best people around and are now working to the best of their ability to getting my account back.

For better or worse, I would like to issue an apology to everyone because of it. It just happened out of the blue, without any explanation whatsoever. They just in their own manner went in, take down my videos and in turn take down my account. It’s the worst thing to ever happen… to anyone for that matter.

And for that… I am sorry. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need time to mourn. I haven’t even setup a Patreon yet and I was planning on making the announcement on YouTube. Sadly it’ll never happen. Ah well.


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