Support Me On Patreon

For those that don’t know, I officially have a Patreon. Sadly not many people heard about it and even when I made a video about it, people seem disinterested.

I’m all right with it because whether or not it succeeds, I want to get the word out. I made this Patreon as a means of a secondary income since the current YouTube income I get every month has not been going so well. It’s mostly due to Google and the fact that people use AdBlock which hurt ad revenue. It’s a reason why I made this Patreon to begin with so I can have a way to support myself.

All of this is 100% OPTIONAL. You don’t have to contribute if you don’t want to but if you want to help this channel, you can. All donations whether to my Fan Funding or PayPal is going to go to getting better equipment and in some cases, for funds to travel to conventions like PAX.

It’s not much because in truth, I need something better to convince people. I at least tried.

Here’s the link should you be interested.

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