Blaster Master Zero 2 Review

Blaster Master Zero 2 Review – Written by Jose Vega

Purchased product for this review.

In 2017, Inti Creates released Blaster Master Zero, a remake of the original Blaster Master but also adds more in terms of its content. It was well received. Two years later, during a Nindies Showcase, Nintendo surprised everyone with the announcement of a sequel: Blaster Master Zero 2. What made it surprising is that it came out on the same day as well. Does this game deliver the same way as the previous game did?

Blaster Master Zero 2 takes place a few weeks after the events of the first game. It centers on Jason and his partner Eve. A new crisis emerges as Eve gets infected by a parasite causing corruption within her body. Jason tries to find a cure but is unable to on Earth. So using the G-SOPHIA, Jason along with Eve and Fred depart Earth to reach Eve’s home planet in the hopes of finding a cure.

Like the previous game, the story is well done. It’s simple but the game also provides exposition when needed. Along the way, they meet new characters that either help the two or be rivals. Not only that but it also contains a few nods if you look hard enough. It’s really good & I like it.

But you probably wonder about the gameplay right? Well if you played the previous one, you will feel right at home with this one. The game is split into two sections: vehicle and run and gun. The vehicle sections are where you use the G-SOPHIA to move around, blasting enemies and exploring. Exploration is the main focus since you will need to do so in order to access caves. The G-SOPHIA is a versatile vehicle. You start with the ability to jump, shoot and hover but as you progress, you will acquire upgrades that will give it more versatility. It’s similar to Metroid, not that it’s a bad thing.

As for Jason, he specializes when he’s in the caves leading to the second section: run & gun. In this, Jason moves in a labyrinth to reach the end, while dealing with enemies and obstacles. He has access to his blaster. It has various modes of fire with some being better than others. Not only that but he has sub weapons too and they are acquired throughout your journey. Jason also has access to a dodge called the Blast Counter. Upon dodging an enemy attack, Jason can respond with a counter attack that damages anyone. He also gets access to multiple counters, offering variety in his evasion. The Run & Gun sections are necessary in order to find upgrades needed for G-SOPHIA.

Since this is the sequel, Jason isn’t on Earth. He’ll travel through multiple planets situated on seven areas. Each area will offer Jason its own set of challenges. Bosses are aplenty and they will challenge you. As for length, the game isn’t long. It will take roughly 6-8 hours to complete but for those that want to 100% the game, it takes 10 hours. Not long but it’s enough to get your money’s worth, since the game was released at $10. I’m serious. You are getting a game that is better than the first in some ways at only $10. That’s a steal. In addition the game has downloadable content. Currently it has Copen from Luminous Avenger iX, who was free DLC at first but now it’s paid DLC. He plays just as he was in Avenger iX and it’s a good thing. Very good thing.

The game looks similar to the previous game and that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it fits things real well. There are cutscenes sprinkled throughout the game. They do a really good job at helping the player in terms of showing what it’s all about. It does run at 30 fps and like I said already, it isn’t a bad thing. It helps keep the game consistent. Music is really solid. So many good tracks that help keep you on your toes. Every single world has a different theme. It’s amazing. Simply amazing. But if I were to have any negatives, it’s that the game can be a bit too easy at times. If you played Blaster Master Zero, it’ll be easy. Really easy. Though the game does have a challenge, it only happens at the end of the game, provided you are able to complete everything beforehand. Other than that, there really isn’t that much that’s bad.

Blaster Master Zero 2 is a game I never thought we would see. Being a sequel is one thing and a game that improves everything the original had in so many ways. Gameplay feels refined, there’s a good amount of challenge and best of all, it’s only $10. How can you go wrong with a $10 game that offers you this much? You can’t. If you were satisfied with the first game, give Blaster Master Zero 2 a shot! You are going to love this game, I promise you that.

I give Blaster Master Zero 2 a perfect 10 out of 10. It earns my personal seal of approval.

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