A Special Patreon Update – Plans for an Upgrade

To all who are watching this video, I welcome you. My name is Jose but everyone refers to me as MegamanNG. I’ve been a YouTube Content Creator for almost 14 years and I have endured many highs but a lot of lows. Mostly more lows than highs but it doesn’t stop me from doing what I do best.

As you guys know, I currently have a Patreon as a means of providing additional income. Since YouTube loves to screw creators every chance they can, many of us need means to ensure that we can continue providing great content. Considering with this year alone, yeah… things have gotten worse. So you have to ask, why am I making this video? Why am I making this blog? Yes. This will also be on my WordPress blog and my Patreon! Just a heads up. But yeah, the whole gist of this is that I am right now updating it. I’m updating the tiers and I implore all of you who wish to become a Patron to listen up.

You guys know I had three tiers right? Bronze, Silver and Gold. I have decided to add two more tiers to this. Let me explain things.

We begin with the Bronze Tier. It’s the starting tier.

Set at $1 a month, Bronze Tier Patrons will not give you much. In exchange for $1, Bronze Tier patrons will have access to my Discord, along with access to the Patrons-only chat. In addition they will also get Patreon shoutouts at the end of every update video I create on my channel. This means both my monthly and mid-month updates.

Next comes the Silver Tier. This is the second-level tier.

Set at $5 a month, Silver Tier Patrons will get all the benefits of Bronze Tier. In addition, Silver Tier Patrons will get shoutouts at the end of every video I upload on my channel. At the end of every video, I always leave a list of Patrons who support me and from there, they get shoutouts. It’s my way of saying thank you. It’s not limited to monthly updates. It’s for every video.

Rank 3 Tier is the Gold Tier. This was actually my highest tier before I decided to step it up by adding more.

Set at $10 a month, Gold Tier Patrons get all the benefits of Bronze and Silver Tiers. Not only that but Gold Tier Patrons have access to a Q&A that I want to implement during update videos. Basically you ask me questions about anything and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Bear in mind that not every question will be answered and if it’s deemed inappropriate, I will not answer for obvious reasons.

I currently have 1 Gold Tier but I hope that I can have more so that way I can implement this.

And now comes the moment you guys want to know about. The 2 New Tiers that I wish to add to my Patreon. Yeah. If you notice, I’m going the Overwatch Route with this. Let’s get on with the first new tier, the Rank 4 Tier, Platinum Tier.

Platinum Tier is set at $20 a month! They will obtain all the benefits from the previous three tiers. But what I have planned for it is a little experimental, a work-in-progress as it were. If I get my hands on better gear like a new computer or something, I will implement this. Basically Platinum Tier Patrons can be invited to be a part of a video or stream I cover. Like I said, it’s a work in progress and I currently can’t do this because I run limited tech but when I do get better stuff, I plan to implement this.

And now comes the moment of truth, the final tier… the one I know could either work successfully or backfire in my face horrifically. I speak of the final tier, Rank 5… Diamond Tier.

Diamond Tier is my highest hands down, set at $50 a month. Diamond Tiers get all the benefits of the previous four tiers but there is one thing that sets it apart from the others. They get access to the one thing that I would never allow to do. Unlike Phil “DSP” Burnell, you guys know I get stuff done. I don’t make excuses either. Basically, Diamond Tier patrons will have the option of choosing what game they want me to cover on my YouTube channel.

I never put my content on a paywall. Ever. However, I’m giving those who donate at this tier the opportunity to decide what I should cover for my channel. It’s basically a Patreon-sponsored thing but the difference is that I make good on my word. I don’t rage quit anything. I will see my journey on a game you choose through to the end. The only thing is that this depends on what I have. Hence why this and the Platinum Tier are a work in progress. Though if I do get better gear, better tech, I can make this possible.

I want you all to remember one thing. Supporting me on Patreon is NOT mandatory. It is 100% optional. I never force this onto anyone and even if I did, it wouldn’t help me in the long run. Things in our world have already gone downhill. With the pandemic throwing our world upside down, people suffering all around us and all we can do is be at home to flatten this curve, many of us are trying to do everything they can to survive this year. To hell with 2020 obviously. I wanted to enjoy a normal year but nope. Not really. I know that this won’t last forever. It’ll probably last a year at best. But what I can say to all of you who have been reading or watching this… thank you. I mean it. Thank you guys so much.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about it, feel free to leave a comment. I don’t mind taking feedback. Any feedback I get will help me make this better. To quote Zarya from Overwatch, “Together we are strong!”

Cheers. Be safe all of you.

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