Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Review

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Review – Written by Jose Vega

Purchased product for review.

Back in 2016, I reviewed Street Fighter V for the PlayStation 4. To say that I was pleased is an understatement. It released bare bones, not having much in terms of content and only done just to please the competitive scene. Despite this, Capcom continued to support the game in many ways such as adding new characters, stages and even a story mode that is okay, at best. Two years later, the game would get new life as Arcade Edition and now in 2020, Capcom has released yet another update serving as a complete version. It’s known as Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. After four years and tons of adjustments, does this game feel like complete or should it go back to the drawing board?

Compared to the original Street Fighter V, this version is jam packed with content. Jam packed isn’t even the right words for this. The game has numerous modes for people to enjoy. You have your story mode that’s split between individual character stories and the actual story, “A Shadow Falls”. A Shadow Falls is a 5-chapter story that details the fall of Shadaloo. It’s alright at best but the story is lacking in some areas. There’s the Arcade Mode and in Street Fighter fashion, players have access to six different modes, celebrating the franchise as a whole. I personally like it as it gives players a choice to play whatever they wish. Plus to represent each mode, they have a limited character select, rounds to beat and final boss. Depending on what you choose determines what you will expect. You also have your other modes such as Trials, Survival, Training, it’s all there. It has a lot compared to back in 2016 and honestly, it’s much better. Made even more with the huge 40 character roster. Spanning four years, it represents the game having grown so much and now it has reached its peak, the only place it goes is up.

The game does have an online element but it’s mostly split between Ranked and Casual matches. However I can say that online isn’t that great. From my experience, the game can have a tendency to lag at times. Even with the update, it still a mess. Part of me wonders why they couldn’t use a roll back netcode? That would be an alternative but this is Capcom. My guess they couldn’t. Though it’s recommended that you have a wired connection if you wish to play online. Offline, it’s still fun. Gameplay-wise, it’s similar to previous iterations of Street Fighter V. Thankfully this game has improved on a lot of features that help make it better. All 40 characters have access to not only two V-Triggers but also two different V-Skills. Each respective V-Skill and V-Trigger allows a character to play differently. Sometimes they get new moves or enhances current ones for added flair. It’s awesome and adds more to a really solid game.

As for presentation, the game still looks great. Thankfully Capcom took the liberty of improving how it looks. All the more for it. Not only that but the game runs great at 60 fps especially in battles. It’s seamless. Music is all right and there are many good tunes. Thankfully players can choose to listen to either character themes or stage themes. Don’t get me wrong. Many of them are really good and if anything, it shows that Capcom still got it when it comes to the music department. No lie.

Fortunately for players, they can get access to Champion Edition either via the Champion Edition upgrade (if they already own SFV) or via the physical release for SFV CE. This is both a positive and a negative. On one hand, it’s good for people who never got to play the game and can finally do so without having to spend tons of money. But on the other hand, many players, including myself, wasted money on the many season passes that Capcom had released for the game. Street Fighter V had 4 years of support via it’s 3 season passes, plus the Champion Edition upgrade. The fact that now people can simply buy the champion edition without having to spend so much money is messed up. Who am I kidding? Capcom does this all the time. To those that prefer getting the physical copy, more power to them.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition represents four years of toil and trouble that Capcom had in making a game like this. Having reached an apex, the game delivers in terms of content. It’s jam packed with a huge roster, many modes of play both online and off and all the content accumulated makes it a worthwhile package. It is. Hands down. This is what Street Fighter V should have been and not how we ended up getting. If you haven’t given this game a chance, there’s no excuse now. Street Fighter V Champion Edition is one you should try. Now let us pray that Capcom learns their lesson and actually gives us a quality product from the start instead of over time.

I give Street Fighter V: Champion Edition an 8.5 out of 10.

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