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Layton Vs. Ace Attorney and Smash Bros 3DS Demo Gameplay

A double whammy folks as we get more Layton vs. Ace Attorney along with the demo gameplay of Smash Bros. 3DS. It’s also a giveaway because I’m giving away three spare codes. If you want to enter, watch the video.

And in regards to Layton vs. Ace Attorney, it covers the end of Chapter 4 and the start of Chapter 5. Tomorrow we will continue with Chapter 5 Parts 2-4.

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney – Chapter 4: The Golden Court Pts. 4-6

Here’s another triple header folks. This time it covers Parts 4 to 6 of Chapter 4: The Golden Court.

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney – Prologue II: English Turnabout Pts. 4-5

I forgot to update it so I apologize. To make up for it, here are both Parts 4 and 5 of Prologue II.

Tomorrow’s Labor Day so we’ll start Chapter 1 with FOUR parts. No joke. I count ’em… four parts. Hope you guys like.