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Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix – Eps. 20-21

We got more Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix coming up and to let you know, I’ve been recording a lot. Already completed 3 Second Visits and I will be covering the rest. I just needed time to level up my forms so I can be ready. In the meantime enjoy.

Oh and don’t forget about today’s Smash Wii U Online. You can’t forget that.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Online Battles 17

Smash Bros. 3DS – Classic Mode Eps. 21-22

You guys want more Smash Bros? You got it. Unfortunately I feel that some of you are losing interest. It’s alright because I’m going to be recording a lot of these. That and there will be a channel update coming.

The good news is that I’ve recorded the last Special Episode of Layton vs. Ace Attorney. The bad news is that it’s going to be on Sunday at 6PM EST.

Oh and as I said, the Channel Update is coming on Saturday night. I hope you guys check it out because there will be A LOT I will explain.