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November 2015 YouTube Channel Update

This is part of my YouTube Channel Update that I have uploaded today.

Guess doing this was the best option I have since doing a video isn’t going to cut it. Of course that video is the short version. This here is the version that’s going to be long and I’m going to say a lot here. Why? Because I have so much that I want to get off my chest, it isn’t funny. If you don’t believe me then stick around and give it a read because you may not like what you’re about to hear.

Before I do say it however, I want to get out of the way and say that Justice for All is done as in I’ve finished recording it and all the episodes are done. Basically today and tomorrow I will be finishing it up. As for if I plan on doing the third game, I’ve decided to put it on hold until I feel it is okay. Because I mean what’s the point if I do it again if I have already done it years ago. I feel personally doing the Ace Attorney Trilogy was a mistake because it’s like playing the games again except it doesn’t feel the same as it used to. Therefore I decided that I’m not doing the third game for the foreseeable future. I want to focus on maybe getting my channel back on its feet. I will be doing more games with commentary since I feel that people want to see that. I have some games that I plan to do with one being a game that many have played: Shovel Knight. Thing is, I’m doing it on the PS4 since the game is now going retail. It’s been out digitally for a while but now that it’s going to go physical, all the more reason to give it a shot. Not to mention that I will be doing LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Why? To prep up for Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. I’m excited for that movie and what better way to prep up the hype than by playing this and it’ll have commentary as well as some precautions. You’ll see what I mean.

So I now got this out of the way, I want to get to the main focus of the update and it’s two-fold I might add. First, it pains me to say it but two weeks ago, I have been banned from Twitch for life. Why because I was pressured in saying something that I shouldn’t. As a result, the person that was harassing me uploaded the video, without my consent, reported it to Twitch staff and got my account banned indefinitely. I have since filed an appeal. It’s been two weeks and I feel that even though I try my best, Twitch will probably not listen and say that the suspension is valid. I plan on streaming but on YouTube Gaming. I did some tests and it went well. But the question is when I’ll be streaming again. It won’t be for a while. I haven’t decided on when I will return to streaming. The problem is that this person who has gotten me banned is determined to make my life miserable and I feel I have a theory on why he’s doing this.

The reason why he’s doing this is because there are two YouTubers that I legitimately dislike: Cobanermani456 and BlahBlahLPs. I feel that he’s doing it in the hopes that maybe he would get the two to work with him to get me banned. That I believe is a theory but I really don’t know the truth. The worst part is that they may not believe me and think that I’m speaking bullshit. I really don’t know for sure but I do know is that this guy knows I dislike them but I feel that his goal is to ban me from every single website imaginable. If the two were to ever find out about this person’s actions, they wouldn’t condone it. Not one bit. But I’m getting way ahead of myself here so I don’t really know all the answers.

Last but not least is of YouTube Red. Yep, it has gone live and I know that this may help Content Creators but I can tell that it’ll be a blessing in disguise. Why? Because the revenue I’ve gotten out of YouTube Red is less. It may build up over time but I doubt it. I don’t have a dedicated fanbase, just a small one at best. My videos I made about YouTube Red and why you shouldn’t use it doesn’t help matters. But I feel that personally I don’t know. It’s a reason why I went out to find a job. I had an interview and though it went well, I didn’t get the job. It won’t stop me from trying again. I promise that I will try again to get a job so I can be able to support myself and maybe make this channel be a hobby again. That’s all I hope for. I care for my well being as well as all of you. I can’t say it enough because I want to start finding something that is worth doing in life. As much as I want to keep on doing this, it won’t last forever and judging by how this channel has been going through this year, it’s not especially with CPM being REALLY FUCKING BAD all year round. I guess AdBlock really is the reason why YouTube Red had to come about but even that is doubtful. It really is.

Regardless of such, I thank you all for taking the time to read this as well as watching my update. I will be returning to doing more Let’s Plays with commentary in the coming days. My reviews will still be continuing as usual but I only hope that things for the channel do get better. If not, I may as well just accept it and maybe try to find a way to get it better. Only time will tell.

Thanks for reading.

Uploads – November 9th & 10th

Alright. Time now for another blog update. It’s not much since I’m done with Bayonetta 2.

One update shows the winners of the Diancie Giveaway and the other is a channel update.

I do want to say that I’m taking some time off because I’m in need of a hiatus. Believe me. I really need it. My update will explain everything.

Uploads – November 6th to 8th

Yeah. This is a long overdue update but I want to get it all out of the way. This update will cover the rest of Bayonetta 2 because with it, my work is finally done.

Tomorrow I will be uploading a video showcasing the winners of the Diancie Giveaway. I have gotten so many responses for the giveaway that this is going to be very difficult. Therefore I hope that to everyone who took part in this giveaway, you guys can stick around. I will do more of these in the future. As I always say, how this channel goes depends on all of you. That is all that matters.

In the meantime, enjoy the concluding episodes of Bayonetta 2.

Uploads – November 4th and 5th

Yeah, it’s late but here’s another helping of Bayonetta 2. This covers Chapters 12 and 13. Next update will come Friday.

Bayonetta 2 – Chapter 12: The Lumen Sage

Uploads – November 2nd and 3rd

Yep. It’s late so sue me. Here are videos for today. I’m going to try updating whenever I can, at least once every two days.

Here are yesterday’s uploads and yeah, it’s more Bayonetta 2.

Bayonetta 2 – Chapter 9: The Gates of Hell

Bayonetta 2 – Chapter 10: The Depths

Uploads for October 31st & November 1st

Yep. We’re in a new month so it’s high time we provide more. In the weekends, I’ll be uploading two a day where on the weekdays is one a day. Ratings will be hidden because well… taking precautions.

Anyway, here are the videos for today long with yesterday’s video.

Bayonetta 2 – Chapter 6: The Bridge to the Heavens