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Uploads for October 27th-28th

Yes. It’s very late. I apologize. I’ve been really sidetracked but now it ends here. Here are uploads for yesterday and today. I’m starting with today’s uploads.

And here are yesterday’s uploads including a giveaway where two winners can receive a code for Diancie.

Bayonetta 2 – Chapter 2: A Remembrance of Time

Pokemon X & Y Diancie Mystery Gift Giveaway

Smash, Layton and Mystery Gifts!? Oh My!

Turns out today has been a rather interesting one to say the least. Let me explain things.

You have Smash Bros. for 3DS which covers Lucina in Classic Mode. Next comes a special episode of Layton vs. Ace Attorney and after that is a video showing a mystery gift for a Shiny Gengar. Hope you like.

Today’s Uploads – October 2, 2014

With only a few hours away till Super Smash Bros. comes, the excitement couldn’t get any higher. So let’s get to details. Here are the videos for today.

First up is a Mystery Gift video where I show off getting a Super Size Pumpkaboo. It’s available now in US and Europe from Oct 1 to Oct 31st. I should mention that it’s the first of three Mystery Gifts that will be coming this month so be on the lookout.

The next two videos continue the Special Episodes of Layton vs. Ace Attorney. There are four episodes left and once they’re covered, I’ll be done with the game completely. Tomorrow at 2pm, Smash Bros. for the 3DS begins. Be ready folks.

Pokemon X & Y Wi-Fi Battle #72: Vs. ZerkerXror

Yep. This is my last Wi-Fi battle video for a while. Tomorrow starts Layton vs. Ace Attorney and I at least want to get this out of the way. Tonight will be a channel update that will explain a couple of things and then tomorrow is the big day.

Pokemon X & Y Wi-Fi Battle #71: Vs. Aria

The clock’s ticking and in the meantime, here’s another Wi-Fi Battle. I take on Aria aka Skyterror321. Hope you enjoy. Oh and tomorrow night, there will be a channel update. It’ll be long because I have a lot to say and it’s to prepare for the inevitable on Friday.

Pokemon X & Y Wi-Fi Battle #70: Vs. JJ (Techteen3000)

I always love Wi-Fi battles where different tiers are put to the test. This here is no exception as I take on JJ aka Techteen3000. Enjoy.