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Smash Bros. 3DS Last Hurrah Pt. 1

With the Wii U version coming on Friday, I figure why not do a sendoff before the Wii U comes. What you’re going to see is a┬ácompilation of Smash replays that will span 3 days. Today will have my friend battles against SLOPlays along with a template test that may probably be used for Smash on the Wii U. Enjoy.

Today’s Uploads – September 27, 2014

Another day, another round of uploads and I’m sorry if it is late but I need to get this up sooner or later.

Today’s uploads consist of the following. Up first is the second special episode of Layton vs. Ace Attorney. We’re trekking through London.

After that is a template test for my upcoming LP of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. It’s going to be marvelous folks. Simply marvelous. I hope to hear what you think of it.