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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review – Written by Jose Vega

Purchased product for the sake of this review.

Since 1987, the Legend of Zelda has been a franchise that has endured the test of time. It introduced many things that would be mainstay for the series and would serve as inspiration for other games to follow. Now on it’s 30th anniversary, Nintendo decides to pull out all the stops to deliver a game unlike any other… that is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Funny since it is not only the last game released for the Nintendo Wii U but also one of the first on the Nintendo Switch. Despite this, the game is everything that Zelda has to offer and then some.

The game’s story takes place 100 years after a calamity destroyed the kingdom of Hyrule. Link wakes from a long slumber, guided by a voice telling him that he must go out and save it once more. However he suffers from amnesia. Despite this, Link heads out into Hyrule, hoping to save it from a threat named Calamity Ganon but also learn the truth about what happened. It’s a story that has me intrigued and at the same time fills me with a lot of questions. Sometimes stories in Zelda take a back seat in favor of gameplay but not in this case. Here, Breath of the Wild provides a story that pays tribute to the franchise while offering something very intriguing. I loved it and by the time I finished the game, it left me with a satisfying feeling and a sense of hope.

Breath of the Wild is a departure from many other Zelda games. Although it does kind of borrow elements from games like Elder Scrolls, you can’t deny that Nintendo actually took a chance to change something that has worked and make it better. For starters, the world of Hyrule actually feels like an open world, not to mention a lot bigger. Though you are quite limited at it in the beginning, once you get the Paraglider then the real fun begins. You aren’t limited to just following objectives. It’s up to you to decide what to do from here. This is the freedom this game gives you and I like it. Not that it’s a bad thing. The game introduces a nifty item, the Sheikah Slate. It is a tablet that allows Link to do a variety of functions like forming bombs, ice platforms or even trap things. It can also get upgrades that add more to the device. Pretty nifty. It also replaces items that we’ve used many times in the Zelda series.

As you progress, you have the option to collect gear such as weapons, shields, bows, outfits, etc. You need them to survive the harsh environment. Unlike previous Zelda games, you don’t use hearts to restore health. You use food. They can be collected, eaten up or cooked to create dishes that provide various effects. Speaking of effects, they can range from resistance to various elements to providing temporary health. The possibilities are endless and they even work on elixirs too. With all this, the game offers a lot to do and how you do it depends on you, again the freedom. You can move about either on foot, horseback, swim if you’re in water or you can glide. If there’s a wall or mountain, you can climb. Know that doing any of it drains your stamina. If it runs out while doing any of it, you have to wait until it’s filled up.

Every Zelda game always has dungeons that put your skills to the test. Breath of the Wild has plenty of them in the form of shrines. Shrines are mini-dungeons and there are 120 of them. Some require simple puzzle solving. Others involve a test of combat. Tackling them is simple but finding them is the challenging part. Completing them nets you Shrine Orbs, which you can exchange for more health or stamina. As for the actual dungeons, they take the form of the four Divine Beasts. They require a bit of puzzle solving, culminating with a boss battle at the end. The bosses are a challenge and depending on your equipment can determine the outcome.

Breath of the Wild has additional new features. Link can now jump with a button press. It can be useful for exploration or in battle with the Flurry Rush. If you time your evasion well enough, you go into a matrix-style slowdown and then follow it up with a series of strikes that can damage your enemies. It’s nifty and for anyone that masters this can be unstoppable. Another thing they included and one I feel isn’t the most useful of additions is durability. No weapon lasts forever and they’ll break. When that happens, expect to switch to a new one fast. You can always throw the damaged weapon to an enemy for double damage so there’s a workaround. It’s not limited to weapons like swords, axes or bows. Your shield can also break if it absorbs too much damage. Gear can get upgraded too with the help of the Great Fairies. You need to trade items in order to do so.

Breath of the Wild’s length depends on the player and how he goes about it. Since it does depend on the player, there is an insane amount of replay value. On average, the game can be beaten in roughly 16 hours but to complete everything, it goes beyond into the hundreds. Even now players always find ways to go around and that’s really cool. If you wonder about Amiibo support, there’s plenty. Scanning Amiibos like the Legend of Zelda line can net you stuff and they depend. If you’re lucky, you’ll get rare garb that you can use to dress up.

Presentation-wise, the game is fantastic and colorful. It is a marvel whether playing it on the Wii U or on the Nintendo Switch. It is marvelous. The music is amazing. I recommend giving a listen to some tracks so you can see how great they are. Character models are pretty good, with Link being my favorite since he can express himself in many ways. Also, a first for the Zelda series, the game has full voice acting. I was surprised they included this. Link is still mute but as for some of the other characters, they are pretty good. It’s a nice addition and one we waited for quite some time. The game is also on the Wii U but it has some problems on the frame rate department. They are minor at best but if you’re on the Switch, it’s consistent and flawless. Overall, both Wii U and Switch are similar if anything.

In conclusion, Breath of the Wild is a game that offers many firsts to the series. It does borrow stuff from other games but it brings it’s own flavor into the mix. Fitting that this serves as a farewell to the Wii U and a welcome to Nintendo’s new Switch console. Despite some shortcomings, you can’t deny that this game is truly one to behold. Great combat, amazing presentation, addicting gameplay and high replay value all add up to a game that just screams perfect, despite some faults. Nintendo nailed it and it’s going to be a game people will be talking about for a very long time.

I give The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a perfect 10 out of 10. It is worth your money whether on the Wii U or on the Nintendo Switch.

Gravity Rush Remastered Eps. 6-10

Sorry if these updates are late but yeah… we got more Gravity Rush Remastered coming at you. I’m currently now rendering more episodes for you guys.

Gravtiry Rush Remastered Pts. 2-5

To be honest, I didn’t think this blog would still be hanging. But hey, I’m okay with it because truthfully I want to keep at it. So for your viewing pleasure, I present the next four episodes of Gravity Rush Remastered. Hope you enjoy.

Apologies if it is updated late because I have real life stuff to take care of.

A Stalker on the Loose

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a post like this but to be honest, I had to do this. I really had to do it because this has gotten on my nerves for a very long time.

Here’s what you need to know because right now this person is one part obsessed, one part troll and one part crazy individual.

I figure explaining it would be best helpful because to be honest, I just don’t care what he does. The problem is that this person has a serious issue with me. It’s far from it. The guy is a full fledged stalker. He has stalked my YouTube channel for months… about ten months now since just today, my videos had been mass disliked.

It began back in January and since then it has become a serious problem. The attacks have increased on multiple occassions: February, April, July, August and now October. As for the one in June, it was someone else… someone I know.

But anyway, I am making this known because I want to have everyone be aware of who this person is, what he’s doing and I believe why he’s doing this.

WHO THIS PERSON IS: I don’t know who he is but I do know that this guy is a grade-A stalker. I also know it by the fact that this person is a fan of several famous YouTubers such as Cobanermani456, BlahBlahLPs and many others.

WHAT HE’S DOING: He’s going about mass disliking multiple videos. It started off with 5-6 and it was kind of minor then it went up a notch with 10 then 13 and now 14 videos. Clearly an example of a hater who has nothing better with their life.

In all honesty, I wonder if mass disliking is still a thing. Surprisingly it is and unfortunately I feel that it’s something that needs to stop. With the rise of the internet, I don’t really know. To be honest, I don’t.

WHY HE’S DOING THIS: Simple. To get attention. He wants my attention and the more I give it to him, the more he’ll do it. But I feel that he has another reason for doing it. I believe he has followed Twitters that belong to several big name YouTubers for the sole purpose of having him unit them so they can drive me away from YouTube. I know it for a fact because this person has hacked multiple Twitter accounts to send the same spam message over and over. Of course once they know who it is that’s doing it, they’ll either believe his story or just ignore and consider it a crazy person and just block him.

I don’t really know what the case is but the point is that this individual is simply crazy. He is the perfect example of what a stalker is and what he obviously does. In this case, he has made my time on this website miserable and I’ve tried my hardest to keep myself composed. I really have. There were times that I didn’t have to worry. I didn’t have to worry about what he could do but it seems that the more I think about it, the more I have this fear that he’ll continue doing it. I feel even now as I try my best to struggle with my YouTube Channel and everything that in the end, he’s just one person. One person that over the span of ten months has made it harder for my channel to grow and evolve.

I really have tried everything. No matter what I do, this guy would always find me and try to find a way to make my time on YouTuber miserable. I’ve stopped caring about ratings because they mean absolutely nothing. The problem I have is that this person can’t take a hint. He just can’t and I feel that he is the perfect example of what is wrong with people like bullies and what not.

Let me tell you, I’ve been a victim of bullying for a long time and even at the age of 30, I still do. It’s because of this that I have a lack of self-confidence. I really do lack it cause I don’t have the courage necessary to try and fight it. I was always told to not rely on violence and that that talking & getting help would ensure a safer outcome. That isn’t the case. Not anymore. With the rise of the internet, it has led to more trouble now and it doesn’t help that all this year I have had to deal with this individual.

Enough’s enough and something has to be done. This person cares about making my life miserable and I think he knows it. He keeps going because it’s what he wants and I’ve also learned that this person loves to use my name on his Twitter handles. That’s a fact.

Let’s summarize shall we. The person is a stalker who goes around following big name YouTubers like Cobi and Blah, he mass dislikes multiple videos and he does it multiple times & he wants not only attention but also wants to unite several big name YouTubers for the sole intention of driving me out of YouTube. That’s what I do know and I also know something else… he goes to church. Now ask yourself this… why would a troll go to church? What he does is against God’s work and for someone that has to praise the lord and what not, I know his ass is going straight to hell.

Which is why I’m raising awareness of this so hopefully there is someone who can help me put an end to it. I don’t know if it’ll happen for a while because honestly, I want it to end.

I’m ending this blog entry on a point by saying this… I am coming for him and when I do, he will feel my wrath.

Today’s Uploads – January 5th 2015

I figure I would do it like this because since we have four uploads a day, why not.

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