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Pokemon X & Y Wi-Fi Battle #72: Vs. ZerkerXror

Yep. This is my last Wi-Fi battle video for a while. Tomorrow starts Layton vs. Ace Attorney and I at least want to get this out of the way. Tonight will be a channel update that will explain a couple of things and then tomorrow is the big day.

Pokemon X & Y Wi-Fi Battle #71: Vs. Aria

The clock’s ticking and in the meantime, here’s another Wi-Fi Battle. I take on Aria aka Skyterror321. Hope you enjoy. Oh and tomorrow night, there will be a channel update. It’ll be long because I have a lot to say and it’s to prepare for the inevitable on Friday.

Pokemon X & Y Wi-Fi Battle #70: Vs. JJ (Techteen3000)

I always love Wi-Fi battles where different tiers are put to the test. This here is no exception as I take on JJ aka Techteen3000. Enjoy.